Turing-like machine

Qualifier Problems

Each qualifier problem is downloadable from this page as a .json file, containing a single JSON object having the format described in the problem specification. The difficulty level of the problems varies widely, and (most of) their numbers have been assigned in no particular order.

This is the current list of problems.

  1. problem_0.json
  2. problem_1.json
  3. problem_2.json
  4. problem_3.json
  5. problem_4.json
  6. problem_5.json
  7. problem_6.json
  8. problem_7.json
  9. problem_8.json
  10. problem_9.json
  11. problem_10.json
  12. problem_11.json
  13. problem_12.json
  14. problem_13.json
  15. problem_14.json
  16. problem_15.json
  17. problem_16.json
  18. problem_17.json
  19. problem_18.json
  20. problem_19.json
  21. problem_20.json
  22. problem_21.json
  23. problem_22.json
  24. problem_23.json

The following problem was revealed after the lightning round. See the announcement for more details.

  1. problem_24.json

Additional qualifier problems may still be posted during the contest. Existing problems will not be renumbered, so any additional qualifier problems will have higher numbers than those listed here. Any posting of additional qualifier problems will be announced on Twitter and on the contest front page.