Final Leaderboard

Wed Sep 2 00:45:00 UTC 2015

This is the final leaderboard for the contest, based on actual runs of the latest programs submitted by the 10 finalist teams on a set of problems consisting of 11 of the original contest problems and 7 new problems. Each problem was run with 4 different sets of power words: the empty set, i.e., no power word scoring (nopower), the original set of 18 power words (power), a set of power words crafted to test various characteristics of gameplay (custompower), and a set of power words crafted such that each was illegal to use when playing a single unit (illegalpower). A 5 minute time limit was enforced for each run of each problem.

The white leaderboard on the left has the overall standings. Each team's "score" on this leaderboard is calculated as described below the leaderboards; higher numbers are better. The black leaderboards on the right contain the individual team rankings for each variant of each problem, as well as a graphical depiction of the points awarded to all teams' solutions to each variant of each problem. Note that not all teams successfully finished all variants of all problems within the prescribed time limit.

You may switch between the leaderboards by clicking on the problem names. You may highlight the entries for a particular team by clicking on the team name.

Overall StandingsVariantProblemProblem Leaderboards

Scores in the overall team standings are calculated as follows: